GravoLAB Technologies

We proud ourselves at GravoLAB to use latest machining and designing technologies.
Efficient Thermoforming Tools need also be accurate, reliable.
Efficient Toolings are GOOD, TESTED and CALIBRATED.
We use state of the art CNC machining Centers with 3-5 axes, precise surface grinding machines, 4 axes wire-cut centers and complete range of equipments.
All our tooling components are manufactured inside GravoLAB, and carefully inspected by a Quality Control Department.
Rapid prototyping is one of our key stages.

A good project needs a good start, therefore we focus on thermoforming production-quality samples, mostly in PET, but also in OPS, PS or PP.

We run Thermovision inspections and full range of water-flow tests to make sure that our Efficient toolings are also high-speed.
Special CNC machined knife sets are carefully produced and inspected by GravoLAB engineers. Cutting tests are made on a special dedicated contact-heat machine with working area of 760 x 540 [mm], with visual and microscopic inspections, videos being recorded and stored for a 12 months period.
All toolings are Tested in our Laboratory, on High-Pressure Thermoforming Machine model GN800, and some other thermoforming models.

We run complete set of tests, on PP, PET, PS and OPS materials, very often with customer’s sheet, in order to get parts as close as possible to customer’s local conditions.

Our skilled engineers commission the tooling at customer’s facility.