New generation of tooling with Shared-Edge-Thermoforming.
Bigger Output, Lower Waste, Reduced Environment Impact
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GravoLAB is well known in the industry of thermoforming as the initiator of a new generation of toolings with totally different approach on reducing the scrap, while offering high-speeds and very good cutting tolerance. These toolings are dedicated for radiant heat machines, for both In-Mold-Cut and also Form-Cut-Stack configurations. We call this technology Shared-Edge-Thermforming, and can bring you increased efficiency compared to conventional tooling.

For over 15 years, GravoLAB produces the most efficient thermoforming tools for single use plastic packaging in the world. All our efforts are focused on reducing the usage of raw material for the same output. From South America, US, Europe and Russia, our toolings are making the difference, each day producing packaging in a responsible way.


…wondering What is

The idea of joining the thermoformed plastic products together with a shared-edge, during manufacturing process,  is not completely new, and was introduced years ago for tools running on contact-heat technology, where sheet of plastic is heated up by direct contact with a cutting-plate. Shared-Edge is widely used in many industries as a very simple technique to reduce the quantity of raw material.

Shared-Edge-Thermoforming means that two adjacent parts with straight sides, are not separated by a web like we normally see on a conventional tool, but they are connected together during thermoforming process. The goal is to reduce the size of the web to zero, therefore reduce the material usage. For toolings running on radiant-heat machines, there are limitations caused by increased complexity, cooling restrictions in decreased space, reduced mechanical support for extreme cutting forces, stability over tens of millions of cycles, and Shared-Edge-Thermoforming seems IMPOSSIBLE.


Conventional Tool










We made Efficient Thermoforming POSSIBLE!

GravoLAB made it UNIVERSAL and ACCESSIBLE for toolings running on radiant heat thermoforming machines, with chain driven sheet. Either Form-Cut-Stack or In-Mold-Cut, all these molds are now able to give more output and less scrap. Our Patent-Pending Technology is simple, reliable, and proved working all over the world, from Chicago to Moscow, from Santiago to Dubai. Waste material produced by a conventional tool can be reduced to half.

GravoLAB toolings help you to reduce CO2 footprint, therefore protect the environment.

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